5.WANTED:BAPS dolls, puppets, and information

If you have a BAPS story to share, PLEASE contact me!

If you have read my book and/or you have some BAPS dolls or puppets that are not shown that you either want to sell or send me pictures of for possible future publication, PLEASE contact me!

Contact me at: bapsdollspuppets@gmail.com

I am always looking for new BAPS and different versions.

There are a couple of specific BAPS dolls and puppets that I am looking for:

1) DOLLS:Singing angles, Mary Mary Quite Contrary with the plastic rake and tiny snail, elephant

2) PUPPETS: Seal with ball on nose.



6 thoughts on “5.WANTED:BAPS dolls, puppets, and information

  1. Dear Nancy,
    I have a true set of BAPS dolls….my wife’s parents bought them for her when they were stationed in Germany, 1947-50. I have 15 different sets from the Black Sambo Family to the Black Forest Woman and more. I am getting ready to sell most of the set through eBay and wondered if you had any thoughts on that or comments. Thanks, Ron

  2. Hi, I have a complete set of the Little Sambo dolls, two tigers, mom, dad, sambo with umbrella. Please let me know if you can give me information on them. The tigers are orange. I have seen brown ones. Do you have any idea how I would find out the production history? They are currently for sale.

  3. HI Susan, Baps dolls and puppets were made from 1946-64. They did both the orange and the brown tigers. They were made in Germany and started out as a cottage industry. The name BAPS comes from the 1st 2 letters in HIlde BArtel’s last name (the designer and original maker) and the last 2 letters in Edith von ArPS’s name (the business lady behind the the company. For more in depth information you can order my book for $36.95 plus shipping by emailing me at bapsdollspuppets@gmail.com. Thanks for contacting me, Nancy

  4. I have a doll that I believe to be a baps, it came with some other dolls that I have already sold. Can not find anything on what character it is or nothing. It is a character with a paint pallete in one hand and a large paint brush in the other. Large black hat, large red boots and a cape like feature that is ladybug in appearance. Just seeing if you have any knowledge of anything like this. Thanks.

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