3.Excerpts from book

-Chapter 1:


The Baps story —  How it came to me, in Wichita, Kansas, in the middle of the United States of America, is almost as interesting as the story itself. You will understand after reading it, why I am pleased and obligated to share the tale!

-Chapter 2:

BAPS Company

The story behind the BAPS company is more than a story about dolls and puppets. It is a story of hardship, survival, creativity, entrepreneurship, friendship, dedication, and determination.  It began before WWII in Germany with two ladies, —



2 thoughts on “3.Excerpts from book

    • Hi Karyn, My BAPS book has over 300 color photographs, including at least 125 different BAPS doll characters and over 100 BAPS puppets plus many variations. Thanks for asking. Nancy

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