2.Book Reviews

First review, received 3/20/2014: “I have started reading your book and find the narrative to be very engaging.  Your writing style gives the information but is in a manner that keeps the reader turning the pages.  It would be easy to have it rather dry and factual when you are providing information from extensive research but that is definitely NOT the case.  You have done a really great job with the book.”     -M.A.

FAVORITE REVIEW, from my 7 year old granddaughter while I was showing her the book, in an awestruck voice: “YOU did this gramma?!

From Susan Voake: “I just wanted you to know that my book arrived this morning and I’ve read it from cover to cover. What an outstanding job you did!  The pictures are excellent  and I so appreciate how many there are!  In addition, your combination of history and anecdote makes for a very interesting read.  I’m sure all  the other BAPS collectors out in the world join me in thanking you for this labor of love.  I’m thrilled to own it!”

If you are a member of UFDC, be sure to read the review of my book in the Summer 2014 DOLL NEWS issue on page 167.

Received 8/8/14:Thanks again for your efforts in producing the book.  It is a gem and a top notch reference book.  I’ve learned a lot from it.
Carol O’Keef

Received 8/14/14:  “Good Evening Nancy,   I received your wonderful book on the BAPS Dolls and I’m really enjoying reading the history of these darling dolls and looking at the pictures and comparing my dolls to them.  I thank you for all your research and hard work on this book”.

Received 9/1/14 from Australia: I came to the presentation you did at the UFDC conference In San Antonio and really enjoyed hearing about Baps. — I just wanted to thank you for your book which I have just finished reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate all the work that must have gone into it. It is much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “2.Book Reviews

  1. I love the book, too, for all of the reasons stated by other purchasers! I especially like all of the pics so I know what goes with what and what might be missing from a certain character as I am just being to collect them – so all is knew to me! Sharon Moore

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