8 BAPS additional comments and photos

If you live anywhere near K.C. MO or are planning a trip there, you should plan a visit to the U.F.D.C. headquarters and museum where my entire BAPS collection is on temporary exhibit between now and the end of Sept. 2018.  There are many other wonderful dolls on permanent display year round.

Below are photos of the BAPS part of the 2015 UFDC special exhibit “Small Dolls Big Dreams”!

ipad 773 ipad 755 ipad 754 ipad 750

-Here are some comments and/or photos of BAPS dolls that either others have shared or I have seen in my travels.

This lovely Spanish Lady was for sale at the UFDC convention in 2014 by Cathy and Teri. She was pristine in a sealed bag She was sold when I went back to the booth.

baps spanish



From Carol O’Keef 8/7/14: “I received your book and have been happily going through it.  I wanted to add a few comments.  We were stationed in Germany (USAF bases in Frankfort, Munich and Furstenfelbrook) from 1950 to 1953.  I received my dolls during that time but not sure where my mother purchased them.  We did have a lot of peddlers that come to the door with suitcases full of stuff and it might have been thru them.—-        My Heidi carried colored yarn instead of flowers.  The elf was sold as a plant elf.  My mother had several that she would add to her potted ivy, climbing up the stems.—” I was unable to copy her photographs. She had a red elf just like the ones pictured on page 110-111 that are not on stands.



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