BAPS DOLLS and PUPPETS 3rd revised edition book with new information and photos now available for purchase. I did not approve misc advertisements on my site and am trying to get them removed!

BAPS book, dolls, and puppets for sale. BAPS The History and Study of the German BAPS Dolls and Puppets: Learn the real story and see photographs of the two ladies, the artist and the entrepreneur, who created the BAPS dolls and puppets. Discover the reason the company was named “BAPS”. View over 300 color photographs, including at least 125 different BAPS doll characters and over 100 BAPS puppets plus many variations.

Now taking orders.

Price: $39.95 plus $4.00 S&H&I (to U.S.A. locations). and/or sales tax where applicable. Please email me at for further information and/or to place your order. I will ship international to some countries, so email me for information about shipping to your country.